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What's a remote reading?

Email, skype or phone - how does it work when the client isn't holding the cards?

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An increasing number of tarot readers offer 'Remote Readings' - these are readings done via email, Skype or phone - and mean that the client does not handle the cards themselves.

Many of my readings are remote readings. These readings are photographed, written up and sent as a pdf or recorded as a video. So how does that work? After all, don't you need to be there, to actually touch the cards for me to get an accurate reading?

How do my remote readings work?

Once you have ordered a reading I will email you to ask you if there is a particular question or area you want the reading to focus on.

Sitting contemplating the question and your energy I will choose the cards that feel right, pray over them, shuffle and choose the cards. Making notes of the thoughts and messages I get as they come.


I then photograph the cards, explain their meanings and then interrupt their place in the story/answer.

On the first page I explain a little bit about my own beliefs and ideas about the tarot - this is for transparency. I also let you know what decks I have used, which spread I have used and why.

How does it effect the client experience?

In person readings allow for greater dialogue between the reader and the client. The client can feel more like they are an active participant in the reading, take their own photographs and notes as the reading happens.

With a remote reading the reader has to rely on their own interpretations and trust in the messages they are getting. This can lead to revelations and perhaps show the client insights they hadn't even considered. The client is able to read and access the reading at a time that is convenient for them. The reading is also available to be dipped in and out of as the document can be saved and looked at repeatedly for reference.


As you can see they both have strengths and create a positive client experience.


It comes down to preference and convenience.

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