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Tarot, Birth Cards, Myers Briggs and Personality Profiles

Understanding your personality and finding representation

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What is your birth card?

To figure out your birth card, first work out your Life Path Number.

  1. Begin with your full birth date. Example: DECEMBER 19, 2009.
  2. Reduce the month, day and year down to a single digit by adding them. MONTH: December is the 12th month. Add 1 + 2 = 3. ... 
  3. Now add the resulting single digits together to get the Life Path Number. Month=3 + Day=1 + Year=2. 3 + 1 + 2 = 6. The Life Path Number is 6.
  4. Find the related Major Arcana card. For this example 6 = The Lovers
  5. If your number is double digits - 12 for example - you can look at both the 12 and the 3 (1+2) so this could be The Hanged Man (12) or The Empress (3).

Here's a handy go-to graphic from Tarot Nerds Facebook group

My Life Path Number is 6, making my card The Lovers.

This always makes me smile as the traditional Rider-Waite Deck imagery for The Lovers is unmistakable; Adam and Eve - My Eve's Temple heart leaps with joy at the idea that this is the image of my Life Path!

For more information about your life path number - Building Beautiful Souls has some amazing insights!


Number 6 is spot on for me!

Myers Briggs Personality Tarot Card

Myers Briggs Personality Trait assessment is a fun and insightful way of thinking about your reactions to things and essentially why you do the things you do!

Figuring out your MBTI - the 16 Personalities Test is the easiest way to figure this out.

Once you've found out which of the 16 personalities you are, you can see which of the Tarot Court Cards matches! Jennifer Soldner has a great blog with each card laid out and it's meaning/personality Traits.

So which one is mine? ENFP! So the Knight of Cups.

The Knight of Cups is impulsive and carefree. He may seem fickle as he bounces from one side of the stream to the other, but his focus is always on expanding his life to encompass more of its beauty. This knight enjoys creative, free form expression and is seen as a passionate and intense lover. He often depicts one who is overtly flirtatious, extroverted, and one who does not think things through. Just like the ENFP, the Knight of Cups experiences extreme highs and extreme lows as he follows his heart over his head.

- Jennifer Soldner

So basically.... Unikitty from the lego movie

Compare Jennifer's interpretation of the court card to the official ENFP personality type and you can see remarkable parallels

I then started googling 'ENFP Characters' and from Star Wars to celebrities you can find all sorts of fun representations of the personality types. My favourite - BUFFY!!!!

and yes, that's because I'm Buffy.

So what does all this mean??? I hear you cry! Well, it doesn't actually have to mean anything. As with many things it can be that beautiful resonance that helps to make sense of some of that Big Picture Madness. As with all of my tarot activities I find the striking resemblance to my personality, choices and experiences validating, reassuring and hilarious!

Mostly it's bit of fun and up for interpretation but I'm also using it as writing aid - so watch this space for some poetry and creative writing.

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