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I wanted to start a personal blog on here, for you to get to know me better and hopefully for me to get to know you better too! So each fortnight I will be posting about my life, things I like and inviting you to join me on Facebook to talk about you! Jen x

This fortnight in my world

I went to a Harry Potter evening at Ipswich Museum. It was fantastic fun! There were themed rooms and activities, as well as quizzes. My favourite part was the Post Office with real owls from Kent Owls Academy. Bred in captivity for educational purposes, Percy and Severus - how HP is that? - were there with their humans to talk about owls and take selfies - Percy was all about the selfie life.

I love owls - almost as much as I love pigeons - and I've been to sanctuaries before (Stoneham Barns is a fantastic example)

I've been modelling for a local art class. Life Modelling is one of my favourite things to do. I find it so empowering. Being so open about my body, to show it and have it drawn, painted and viewed in such a way is incredible. 

In the kitchen - What have I been cooking and eating?

Sainsbury's Jackfruit - heaven in a foil tray! The taste and texture are incredible. I added some lemon juice and pepper to creme fraiche, salad and avocado.

In my house - what's going on in my world of inspiration?


I love Grace and Frankie so much! The chemistry between Lily Tomlinson and Jane Fonda is incredible and these amazing women in their 70s talk about sex, relationships and getting older with a freshness and humour of the Golden Girls. In it's 4th season they are beginning to look into issues such as whether moving into assisted living is helpful, what to do with getting contractors and the inevitable funerals that go along with getting older. It is fabulous and well worth it.



Driving so much for work, I'm listening to Radio4 more and more. I love the discussion programmes and learn a lot. From science to business and world politics as well as The Archers and other fantastic Radio series, it is a great companion on this crisp dark winter mornings and evenings.


Podcast -

Fantastic business and life coaching with fabulous interviews. One of my favourites is here.



I was lucky to find one of the hidden gems from Books in Woodbridge This amazingly enterprising woman is wrapping and hiding books around my home town. I got Sweeney Todd, which I've never read so that was fab!

I love this idea so much, sharing books and making them a gift. Reading truly is a wonderful ticket to new and delightful worlds.

Glamour Magic

As much as this is about Magic it is about empowerment. Finding what really excites you and working with that energy to get yourself ready to get what you want. I look forward to learning more as I continue to read.

In others words.... quotes, poems and awesome stuff someone else said!

Emmeline Pankhurst - Freedom or Death, read by Joanna Lumley

Journal prompt - what am I contemplating this week?

Who are the women who inspire me?

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