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Ethics, Policies and all that Jazz!

Ethics and policies around Tarot Reading

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Ethics Infographic

Ok darlings, when it comes to guidance, coaching and support it's important to lay our cards on the table (ha! get it!) and get clear what you can expect from me and what I expect from my clients.

I love my job and supporting, guiding and coaching through spirituality and tarot brings me so much joy. To keep this a safe environment for everyone, I wanted to get my ethics and policies written out in this, well, rather lengthly blog post.

The handy infographics will give you the highlights but if you want the juicy details, keep on reading my friends!

Ethics Infographic - I will

I Will...

Respect you, your beliefs and your privacy

  • You rock! I celebrate and support my clients. I am open to you as you are open to me. Whatever your spiritual/religious paths, gender identifications, sexual and romantic orientations, relationship dynamics, lifestyle choices, races, ethnic or cultural backgrounds, socio-economic backgrounds, political affiliations, physical or mental health statuses, etc you will find no judgement here, just love - and a little bit of sass.

  • I am not about to not push my unique brand of woo woo on you and am happy to refer to spiritual matters using any terminology that works for you.

  • Your reading, as well as all information divulged during your reading, will remain confidential.

To summarise - you do you and I’ll do me!

Deliver your reading, as it was advertised in the time promised.

  • I will ensure to create listings, product advertisements and marketing materials with a full description of what you can expect from the reading, the amount of cards, the minimum length of the interpretation etc.

  • Please be aware of the description of the product you buy. Some readings are more in depth than others and their prices reflect that.

  • I will send via email your reading to the email address you provide within the stated delivery time.

HOWEVER, please be aware that I am HUMAN. Life happens. I will never willfully take your money if I know I cannot deliver but if I’m about to go into labour - I’m not about to whip out that deck and get reading in the delivery room. I will do my upmost to keep you informed about any changes to the agreed upon delivery time.

Take care of myself, the energy of the space and create a safe space for you.

  • I only read when I’m in the right soul space to read. You need me at my best and so that is what I will be during our interactions.

Communicate with you prior to the reading to get an idea of what you are looking for.

  • To make sure we are rocking that same page, I will email you to ask you if you question is specific, about a general area such as career or relationships and then work on the best question to ask the deck to get a reading.

Clarify once. If you receive a reading you may request one additional clarifying email.

  • I understand that sometimes language may not be clear or a phrase I use may be unfamiliar - I am happy to clarify so that the reading serves you best. Please allow time for this clarification. This is not an invitation for a longer or more in depth reading...

Honour you and myself. If you are uncomfortable at any time, we will stop. I also reserve the right to stop a reading if I feel uncomfortable or threatened by your behaviour.

  • If you feel that I am asking for information you are not willing or able to give then please just let me know, we can work around this. If at any time the reading triggers you, let me know and we can stop or discuss as you are willing and I am able.

  • I will be sober at the time of your reading and ask that you ensure you are in a fit state to receive.

Ethics Infographic - I will not

I Will Not...

Read for third parties - including children.

  • This reading is all about you. Of course other people come up from time to time but I’m not reading for them, I am reading for you. If your question relates to someone else - a child for example, I can support you in choosing a question that will work with this. E.g “Tell me if my children will be successful” can be reworked into “How can I be the best mum/dad so as to support my children.”

  • I’m not a mind reader at the best of times - I don’t know what your ex wants/is doing but I can help you to move through the break up.

  • I don’t talk to the departed on your behalf. If you want us to pray together and invite them into the reading then good times - love a bit of ancestor wisdom - but I won’t be chatting with them.

Give medical, financial or legal advice.

  • I’m not a doctor.

  • I’m not a financial advisor.

  • I’m not a lawyer.

  • I am not a qualified therapist/counsellor.

And sadly, no, I don’t know the lottery numbers.

Read knowingly for under 18s in remote readings.

  • This is a liability issue, please ensure you are over 18 when you order a reading. In person readings with a parent or guardian are acceptable.

Predict your future - apart from my deep rooted respect for free will, I don’t know how!

  • Where will I be in 5 years? Who will I marry? What car does he drive? Honestly - no idea! That’s not my bag. I want to work with you now.

  • I believe the cards can suggests the energies and potential outcomes of decisions but that ultimately you will make the final decision.

Pressure you for more information if you are not comfortable.

  • I’m not a mindreader and the more information I know, the better I can tailor the reading but if there is something you don’t want to share then don’t feel you need to.

Communicate with you or share your information after the reading without your permission.

  • Once the reading has been sent and any clarification exchanged I will archive the reading and not contact you again.

  • If you request a set of readings then I will keep your file ‘active’ so that we can ‘compare’ readings and progress.

  • I will not email you any marketing materials you haven’t asked for.

  • I will not tell anyone that you came to me for a reading.

  • If you request a reading is deleted, I will delete it.


A note on refunds:

- If I fail to get a reading to you in the time stated or if it falls short of the description (as I interpret that to be) I will discuss refunds and additional readings with you.


- If you just don't like what I said - ask for clarification, let's have a chat and see what can be done but if all else fails chalk it up to experience and find a reader that fits your expectations better.

A note on refunds:

- If I fail to get a reading to you in the time stated or if it falls short of the description (as I interpret that to be) I will discuss refunds and additional readings with you.

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